GIII V8 2020 Men's Utility

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What GIII Say:
High repulsion technology plus swing speed up technology creates a fairway wood that combines distance, ease of use and exhilarating feel and sound at impact.

Features & Benefits:

  • Longer Power Trench – The Power Trench has been updated in the V8 model, it is now 3.2x longer than previously. This will allow more Face Flex by increasing the rebound achieved on miss hit shots from the Toe and Heel areas.
  • Neo Titanium Face – Designed for distance, the new GIII V8 model comes in at a C.O.R of 0.840**. This is achieved with an ultra-lightweight and thin NEO Titanium Face creating maximum distance across the Face
  • Backbone Speed Shaft – Known for their Carbon technology, Daiwa has reengineered the Shaft completely for this model. It features a lowered drag coefficient thanks to a new thinner taper design, as well as a Shaft purposely built with a Spine down the back of it. The Spine makes the Shaft more rigid and its release more predictable.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
As we see in the driver the GIII V8 hybrid is all about distance sporting innovative technologies which promote more of it. Paired with the latest rendition of the SVF Lite Shaft this club is best suited for the slower swinging Mid-to-High handicap player looking for the ultimate in distance from a fairway wood.

*This product does not conform to USGA and R&A confirming clubs list and is not allowed in competitive play. It is to be used in private or social games of golf only.

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