GIII V7 2018 Men's Utility

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What GIII Say:
The GIII utility is not only designed to perform as a versatile club in any lie, it is also designed to provide maximum distance and forgiveness thanks to Triple repulsion, a hi-COR 0,840 face, Triple Power Trenches and hyper Kick SVF Lite Shaft. Much easier to hit than long irons and just as accurate with even more distance than ever before. Swing clubs with confidence. 

Feature & Benefit:

  • Triple Power Trench – Referred to as the “W” head, the power trench technology has been improved and expanded into 3 areas of the head from its predecessor.  There are “slots” in the sole, crown and the heel-toe areas of theV7 utility which allow the face to flex more efficiently. This increases rebound speeds for better ball speeds and longer distance.
  • Laster Milled Face – Laser milling in the face helps control spin rates on off centre hits as well as repelling moisture from dew or rain during play.
  • Steep Taper Structure – Utilizing a bigger butt section with a “step” in the shaft, helps the shaft rebound faster for more overall club head speed. Combined with other proprietary technologies from Daiwa ensure the latest rendition of the SVF shaft (418D) is the most advanced and best performing to date.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
As we see in the driver the GIII V7 utility is all about distance sporting innovative technologies which promote more of it. Paired with the latest rendition of the SVF Lite shaft this club is best suited for the slower swinging Mid-to-High handicap player looking for the ultimate in distance from a fairway wood. 

*This product does not conform to USGA and R&A confirming clubs list and is not allowed in competitive play. It is to be used in private or social games of golf only.

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