GIII Signature 5 Men's Utility

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Features & Benefits:

  • New Double Repulsion Head - The new Signature features deeper, longer and wider Power Trenches which increase spring effect through more powerful and consistent flex and recovery of the head at impact.
  • GIII Neo Titanium Face - Neo Titanium Face gives more spring effect at 1.6 times more flexible than standard titanium, GIII Signature is able to achieve an amazing COR Rating of 0.840, usually unheard of in a Fairway Wood
  • 54% Weight Sole - 54% of the head weight is placed in the heavy sole, the lowest and deepest center of gravity in GIII history creates a high launch and low spin trajectory.
  • Laser Milling Face - Laser Milling Face creates stable spin and ball flight not just a beautiful face, the laser milling helps stabilize spin even in wet or bad conditions.

Our Recommend Player Profile:
Designed for the slower swing golfer looking to maximize their distance. With more than half the weight situated in the sole the GIII Signature 5 is one of the easiest launching hybrids in the marketplace today.

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