Cobra King LTDx One Black/Blue Men's Hybrid

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What Cobra Say:
The LTDx ONE Length Hybrid might just be our most fun and easiest to hit hybrid. The unique setup is designed shorter at 7-iron length to improve consistency and accuracy. Even if you're not a ONE Length player, we recommend you give it a try and see how easy it is to launch.

Features & Benefits:

  • PWR-COR Technology - PWR-COR Technology is a multi-material weighting system that positions as much weight as possible low and forward. The weighting system utilizes a tungsten internal weight and an aluminum external weight that is positioned right behind the hitting zone to transfer maximum speed to the golf ball at impact with reduced spin. The addition of a 8g back weight perfectly balances low spin with high launch and extreme forgiveness for ultimate distance.
  • H.O.T. Face Technology - Using machine learning, we've created a new variable thickness design that is precision tuned for speed. H.O.T stands for "Highly Optimized Topology." Using data from thousands of impact simulations, we've optimized thicknesses in 15 different zones to maximize ball speed across a larger area of the face. These zones create visual peaks and valleys that resemble a topology map, which is how the design got its name.
  • PWRSHELL Face Technology - PWRSHELL is a proven technology that has delivered our fastest face designs over the last few product generations. An L-cup face design is forged from a thin and strong stainless steel, and promotes up to 17% more flex resulting in faster ball speed and higher launch across the face.
  • Baffler Rails - Two Baffler sole rails allow the club to glide effortlessly out of tight lies, thick rough, and even bunkers.

Our Recommend Player Profile:
The LTDx replaces the previous generation RAD Speed and sees improvements in launch conditions, slightly higher spin rates for better stopping power and a more stable body when miss-hit. Its more forgiving & longer than its predecessor and like it is bests suited for the mid-to-high handicap player looking for forgiveness and distance from a visually striking hybrid.

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