Yamaha RMX 2020 Men's Fairway

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What Yamaha Say:
One more yard. One inch closer. One stroke less. Winning is the culmination of those yards, inches and strokes. Winning is more than outlasting your rivals; it is creating confidence and courage in your plan of attack to exceed your personal limits. RMX clubs help golfers win. Toward that end, we subject RMX clubs to the demands of competition as we develop them. We put our ingenuity and curiosity to the test in actual course conditions, and translate our discoveries into the finest new technology and specifications.

Features & Benefits:

  • BoostRing – In an effort to improve performance Yamaha has created an internal rib structure running around the perimeter of the club head. This allows for more efficient face flex without losing energy in the body. The results have seen a vast improvement in overall ball speeds, especially from miss hit shots.
  • Optimized CG Placement - The redesigned club head and a low internal weight placement has lowered the CG location. The RMX 220 has also shifted the CG location slightly forward over the 218 model, producing lower spin and more ball speeds for greater distances. 
  • FricOff Sole – The sole design had to be revamped to incorporate the latest CT (Characteristic Timing) modifications made to the face. It is uniquely shaped so the trailing edge will have less contact with the turf during impact, resulting in less energy loss through impact for greater distances.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
Designed to be highly stable and produce good distances, the new RMX 220 I aimed at the mid-to-high handicap player looking for high performance within a very appealing looking club head.

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