PRGR Q-Concept Men's Fairway

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What PRGR Say:
Escape from any lie (Quagmire) with one shot! With the "All round sole," escape perfectly from the lie in Quagmire. "What! You got par from there!?" Amaze your friends.

Feature & Benefit:

  • All Round Sole – Vastly reduces turf interaction for cleaner strikes. The unique sole is ideal for any lie and can even be used effortlessly from fairway bunkers or deep rough.
  • Deep Face Design – Designed with a deeper face and a low CG location ensures a bigger face to make contact with while still aiding in getting the ball up in the air.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
The mid-to-high handicap player looking for versatility for any lie and who needs to rely on fairway woods for the majority of his approach shots will enjoy this club.

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