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PRGR EGG 2017 Men's Fairway

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What PRGR Say:
New power flange which is exclusive to Red egg *1 is used for Fairway Wood as well as Utility. There is a large deflection in the entire flange, and a larger sweet spot has been achieved with a high drive. Advances have been made in keeping the CoG low for Fairway Wood, and a Brassie (2W) has also been Launched. Attacks with force and height, and targets a 2-ON to get to the green in 2 shots. Utility has a deep Face and low CoG. Despite the strong Loft, can target the green with the high trajectory of the flight.

Features & Benefits:

  • Power Flange - Exclusively designed for the EGG, the flange creates a high propulsion area effectively allowing the Face to Flex more efficiently while lowering the CG. This generates massive speeds for better distance and a higher Launch angle.
  • High Velocity Design - Utilizing Titanium in the lower Lofts (#2, #3, #5) and maraging steel in the higher Lofts (#7, #9, #11) ensures high ball speeds for greater distance. All the woods incorporate a Tungsten Alloy in their Sole creating a log CG location for easier Launch

Our Recommended Player Profile:
As a super lightweight fairway this is best suited to the slower swinging player looking for a fairway that will get up quickly and go a long way.

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