ONOFF Arms AKA 2020 Men's Fairway

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What ONOFF Say:
Easy draw ball. Just Aim and swing automatic AKA fairway wood ARMS and Utility Wings.

Feature & Benefits:

  • Twin Cut Sole – A uniquely shaped Sole sees a concave sitting in the centre of the Sole just behind the power trench. This reduces friction during impact and ensures smoother turf interaction allowing the club head to get in and out of the grass considerably faster.
  • Improved Power Trench – The new AKA sees the power trench being modified to include 2 additional trenches running from the Face to the back of the club. They aid in adding more rigidity to the Sole while promoting more Face Flex and higher ball speeds across the entire Face.
  • Cup- Face Design – Including a Cup-Face in the new design helps to freely suspend the Face, this allows more Face Flex during impact which rebounds more energy to the ball for greater distances.
  • Smooth Kick Shaft – With over 60 Years of experience in Carbon Fiber, Daiwa proudly builds ONOFF’s shafts in house. The benefits of this are unmatched feel and precise matching of Launch conditions for optimal performance.

Our Recommend Player Profile:
The ONOFF AKA ARMS 2020 is best suited to slower swing players seeking a higher Launch and more distance from their fairway woods.

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