ONOFF Arms AKA 2018 Men's Fairway

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What ONOFF Say: Introducing the NEW ONOFF Fairway Arms AKA 2018, a Fairway designed for an easier launch and characteristics such as spin rate to support smooth tempo swings.

Features & Benefits:

  • Power Trench – The Power trench has been evolved in this year’s model. It has been included in the crown for the first time while the shape on the sole has been improved. The trench allows the face to flex during impact for greater energy transfer into the ball and better distances achieved across the face.
  • Face Milling – To stabilize spin rates across the face a new 100% milled face has been introduced, it not only increases aesthetic value but vastly improves spin rates across the face for a more stable launch and flight.
  • Gravity Control – Internal design improvements to club head in the form of a thickened sole and a deep CG location. This leads to a more stable and higher launching fairway wood. 

Our Recommended Player Profile: The ONOFF AKA ARMS 2018 is best suited to slower swing players seeking a higher launch and more distance from their fairway woods.

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