Mizuno ST-180 Men's Fairway

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What Mizuno Say:
Flat Out Further - Our hugely amplified Wave sole commits every available gram of weight low, towards the face – dropping spin rates for even the fastest, downward ball strikers. The Wave sole also allows the ST180 to contract and expand on impact – increasing energy imparted to the ball. The flatter, more efficient flight keeps the faster, high energy 1770 Maraging Steel face under full control. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Amplified Wave Soleplate – A enlarged “first wave” allows more face flex and aids to rebound more energy into the ball. The added benefit of this design allows engineers to push the weight closer to the face for lower spin rates.
  • 1770 Maraging Steel Face – The maraging steel allows the face to be thinner, this increases its rebound properties making it “hotter”. The result is more ball speeds for better distance.
  • Internal Waffle Crown – The internal design allows further weight savings which can be re-allocated lower (for higher launch) and closer to the face (reduced spin rate). This combined with the Amplified Wave produces incredible ball speeds while maintaining launch angle.
  • Quick Switch Hosel – Sporting a total of 8 settings and allowing for 4 degrees of loft and 3 degrees of lie angle changes the Quick Switch further enhances the custom set up ability of the GT-180.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
With its bigger footprint and low profile head the ST-180 has the shape to appeal to most players, it launches high and spins quite low. This combination creates big distance, as a result this club is suited for the mid-to-low handicap player as the lower spinning properties could leads slower swing speed player to lose some distance. The GT-180 would accommodate the slower swinging player very well.

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