Honma T//World 737 Men's Fairway (VZ-EX-A55)

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What Honma Say:Large confidence inspiring profile for golfers that need enhanced launch. Slight face progression for golfers that prefer a fairway metal look.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cup Face – The Cup Face design allows the face to flex more efficiently without losing energy during impact. This results in better speeds which increases overall distance.
  • Larger Head Size – Designed with the higher handicap in mind the head looks extremely friendly due to its slightly larger profile and footprint. This in turn increases the sweet spot making it easier to hit
  • Thin Crown – Using a thinned out crown allows the weight to be placed low and deep inside the head. This creates more stability during impact while helping to get the ball up in the air faster.

Our Recommended Player Profile: Designed for maximum launch and forgiveness within a lighter weight package, this fairway from Honma  is best suited to the mid-to-high handicap player looking for a good looking product that performs incredibly well.

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