Honma T//World TR21 Men's Fairway

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What Honma Say:
Speed & Control Fairway Wood for ideal shot-making. Face design for high repulsion. Trajectory control delivered through adjustable weights and NON-ROTATING SYSTEM.

Features & Benefits:

  • Variable Face Thickness - Thinning out the outer perimeter of the club face allows it to flex more during impact. This creates a hotter face for grater distances.
  • Ultra thin Crown - An internal ribbing structure in the crown allows engineers to make the crown as thin as 0.5mm. This leads to a lowered CG for better launch angles.
  • Internal Tungsten Weighting - An internal weight pad is used to further lower the CG while vastly improving the MOI value of the clubhead for greater accuracy.
  • External Adjustable Weight - Allowing the player to fine tune their desired CG location for optimized launch and spin.
  • P-SAT - Precision spin control is achieved by lining up the spine of the driver to the 6 o'clock position. This ensures the shaft delivers the club head consistently time and time again.
  • Non Rotating System - Adjusting the club's lie, loft and face angles won't rotate the shaft as seen in other designs, this technology ensure the P-SAT technology is never compromised.

Our Recommend Player Profile: 
The TR21 is designed while keeping the slightly higher club head speed player in mind, it will create a penetrating lower spinning ball flight preferred by the mid-to-low handicap player

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