GIII Signature 2015 Titanium Men's Fairway

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What GIII Say:
The 3 wood uses a new Hyper Titan Face which allows the club to produce big distance like the driver. The larger head provides a sense of security and the optimal centre of gravity design paired with the SVF LITE shaft packed with DAIWA carbon technology provides forgiveness and ease of use. A large gravity angle helps the head square to the ball for better impact.

Features & Benefits:

  • Hyper Titan Face - 15-0-3 Titanium face is forded onto a premium 6-4 Ti body. The results are an extremely lightweight head despite its size, packed with lots of ball speeds from the face for better distances.
  • Bigger Head Shape - The head has been elongated towards the back and the face has been made shallower to aid in launch. This fairway’s looks is confidence inspiring due to its larger profile and certainly gets the ball up quickly.
  • Internal Tungsten Weighting - To lower the CG and help the player get the ball up quickly, internal Tungsten weighting is utilized, lower the CG as low as possible.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
Super lightweight with a shallow face and a very shallow face profile, this is aimed at the slower swinging higher handicap player looking for lots of distance and a fairway that will inspire confidence at address.

*This product does not conform to USGA and R&A confirming clubs list and is not allowed in competitive play. It is to be used in private or social games of golf only.

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