GIII Signature 2014 Men's Fairway

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What GIII Say:
The GIII Neo Titanium achieves a C.O.R (Coefficient Of Restitution) rating of 0.840*. Paired with Double Power Trenches (toe and heel sides), the “Double Repulsion Area” creates an expanded sweet spot with more powerful spring effect. SVF EX III shaft features DAIWA carbon technology, light weight, strength, feel and maximum performance. A fairway wood that creates distance beyond the rules.

Features & Benefits:

  • Power Trenches - By cutting away small portions in the heel and toe area, GIII have managed to create greater face flexing abilities. This leads to more ball speed of the face for better distances.
  • Neo Ti Face - Utilizing a next generation Ti compound has allowed GIII to make the face extremely thin and hot. This hotter face propels the ball faster leading to more distance. The saved weight is also redistributed to make this fairway more forgiving.

Our Recommended player profile:
Designed for the slower swinging player or the connoisseur of clubs as the attention to detail and workmanship on this fairway is second to none! The Neo Ti face generates lots of speed and it launches very easily, thus someone with a slower swing speed looking for more height and distance would enjoy this product.

*This product does not conform to USGA and R&A confirming clubs list and is not allowed in competitive play. It is to be used in private or social games of golf only.

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