Yamaha RMX VD59 Men's Driver

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What Yamaha Say:
Introducing Yamaha RMX VD Driver. iA 460㎤ head with a shape that does not get too gripped so that tour pros can shake it off without hesitation. Equipped with "RMX VD weight system" that can greatly adjust the center of gravity angle and keep the moment of inertia unchanged. Both operability and high straight-line stability are achieved. Yamaha's original new system ensures high "straight running stability" at any position because the moment of inertia (5,003g ・ ㎠ for VD driver and 5,820g ・ ㎠ for VD59 driver) does not change even if the weight position is adjusted.

Features & Benefits:

  • Boost Ring Technology - A series of ribs from the crown to the sole and the hosel form an integrated ring, fixing the vicinity of the face. By equalizing the deflection in all directions at the time of the hit, energy is concentrated on the ball and the initial velocity is increased.
  • Face Weight Reduction - By optimizing the weight of the face area, we have achieved a weight reduction of 12%. Achieves more efficient power transmission by reducing the amount of residual energy in the face.
  • RTS (RMX Tuning System) - The Remix Tuning System (RTS) used in the RMX (Remix) driver allows you to tune for your swing, providing greater distance and more accurate shots.
  • Multi-Material Construction - Utilizing a carbon fiber crown on the driver allows for massive weight savings and efficiently lowed the CG location for easier launch. The Saved weight is re-distributed in the perimeter of the driver for enhanced Stability.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
The RMX VD59 is not only the most stable and forgiving driver in the illustrious RMX line, but but far the most striking and visually appealing driver ever released from Yamaha. Due to its stability its a high launching, low spinning driver but doesn't offer much work-ability due to its high MOI design as such it is best suited for the mid-to-high handicap player seeking more accuracy and forgiveness from the tee.

Flight Bias:
Adjustable Weighting (Heel/Toe):
Adjustable Weighting (CG):

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