PRGR Super EGG 2015 Men's Driver

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What PRGR Say:The Super egg driver is a new generation high-repulsion driver, boasting a high coefficient of repulsion (exceeding 0.85)* and wide high-repulsion area. The Super egg exclusive power flange structure is used on the head to minimize crown deformation by concentrating the bending on the face. The high-strength βtitanium face has been trimmed to the limit, and with a smooth thickness deviation design, both high-repulsion performance and durability have been realized. As a result of reducing the body thickness to the limit, weight is concentrated at the back of the head. This has created a deep, centre of gravity depth and a large centre-of-gravity angle. A high-repulsion driver for gaining distance has finally been launched.


Features & Benefits:

  • Power Flange - Exclusively designed for the Super EGG driver, the flange creates a high propulsion area effectively allowing the face to flex more efficiently. This generates massive speeds off the face.
  • High C.O.R - Allowing maximum possible face flex to help propel the ball further, the upper EGG exceeds the legally set limit for COR. This “trampoline effect” will generate massive ball speeds and as a result big distances.
  • Nano Alloy Shaft Technology - As a super lightweight shaft, Nano technology was used around the tip to help dampen vibrations and stabilize the shaft. To ensure solid feedback into the hands the butt end of the shaft is stiffened up.


Our Recommended Player Profile: Designed for the player seeking maximum amounts of distance from their driver regardless of legal limitations placed on a design. Due to its design properties this is best suited to the slower swinging player, the lightweight design may cause higher speed players to lose control.


*NON-CONFORMING to USGA and R&A Rules for competition play. Only allowed for use in private or social rounds of golf.

Shaft Weight:
45 - 50 Grams
Flight Bias:
Adjustable Weighting (Heel/Toe):
Adjustable Weighting (CG):

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