PRGR EGG 2016 Men's Driver

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What PRGR Say:
The New egg driver is designed with a large face and a New egg exclusive power flange structure*, which means that the face bending area is much wider. This is a high initial velocity driver within the marginal limits of the rules, making possible long hits with a hefty face that bends largely. In spite of the big face area, the centre of gravity is deep and the centre-of-gravity angle is large. The result: a driver that enables easy capture and easy launch of the ball. The club is also counter-balance designed, which means that it is easy to swing completely. Despite the head being heavy (201 g), the player can easily swing through without feeling the heavy weight, increasing the efficiency of the initial velocity.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Power Flange - Exclusively designed EGG driver, the flange creates a high propulsion area effectively allowing the face to flex more efficiently. This generates massive speeds off the face for better distance.
  • 4700 mm2 Face Area - Due to the unique shape of the Power Flange and rest of the body it allows PRGR to make the face bigger compared to any other driver. Bigger face means bigger sweet spot and hitting surface! 
  • Nano Alloy Shaft Technology - As a super lightweight shaft, Nano technology was used around the tip to help dampen vibrations and stabilize the shaft. To ensure solid feedback into the hands the butt end of the shaft is stiffened up.

Our Recommend Player Profile:
Designed for any player with a slower club head speed seeking maximum amounts of distance and forgiveness.  As it’s in the super-lightweight category the Super EGG is not recommended for higher club head speeds as they will likely lose control of the flight.

Shaft Weight:
45 - 50 Grams
Flight Bias:
Adjustable Weighting (Heel/Toe):
Adjustable Weighting (CG):

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