Mizuno ST-X 230 Platinum Men's Driver

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What Mizuno Say:
A high launching, super lightweight draw-biased driver, ideal for slower and moderate swing speeds. The ST-X PLTNM is 30g lighter overall than any possible custom option of the ST-X 230. With a high spec Helium Platinum Shaft and lightweight grip. Boosted by the CORTECH Chamber to be faster from the face and deliver an incredible, solid sensation at impact.

Features & benefits:

  • Cortech chamber - Mizuno’s CORTECH Chamber encases a dense stainless steel weight with elastomeric TPU – taking stress from the clubface and creating an additional energy source. At the same time locating weight closer to the clubface to reduce spin rates. While contributing to a more solid, powerful sensation at impact.
  • Forged SAT 2041 BETA Ti face - More resilient than commonly used 6-4 Ti, with more complex multi-thickness design – made possible by Mizuno’s CORTECH Chamber.
  • Unified sole composite - Carbon sole plate now a single piece to allow weight to be pushed to the extremes for overall stability.
  • 30 gram lighter clubweight for slower swingspeeds - With premium Helium Platinum shaft, ¾ longer than standard and lightweight J112 grip.
  • Draw bias - Weight located closer to the shaft axis encourages a high, draw biased flight.
  • Quick switch hosel - 4 degrees of adjustability.

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