Mizuno GT-180 Men's Driver

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What Mizuno Say:
MORE BALL SPEED,MORE POSSIBILITIES. The new GT180 is the ultimate fine tunable driver with the dual ability to squeeze every last yard from your drives and evolve with your swing. Built on a platform of faster than ever ball speeds the GT180 boasts an expanded range of draw, neutral and fade settings in low, mid and high spin flights. Set the GT180 up to make the very most of the swing you have. Then tweak over the season to keep pace with your swing changes and conditions. 

Feature & Benefit:

  • Forged SP700 Face – The forged face allows for a precise Multi-Thickness design. This ensures it imparts the maximum amount of ball speeds possible regardless of the strike pattern.
  • Fast Track – 2 Movable 7 Gram weights allow the player to fine tune their desired CG location. This directly affects the launch angle and spin rates of the driver letting the player dial into their optimal range effortlessly. Ports in the heel and toe allow the player to move the same weights into or out of them to fine tune their desired flight bias.
  • Quick Switch Hosel – Sporting a total of 8 settings and allowing for 4 degrees of loft and 3 degrees of lie angle changes the Quick Switch further enhances the custom set up ability of the GT-180.
  • Internal Waffle Crown – This unique design allows for weight saving from the crown, the save weight is repositioned lower and forward in the head for increased launch angles and a lower spin rate. 

Our Recommended Player Profile:
The GT-180 is one of the few “one fits all” drivers on the market. Due to its vast custom set up ability and variety of shafts it could make its way into any player’s bag when correctly set up.

Shaft Weight:
55 - 60 Grams
Flight Bias:
Adjustable Weighting (Heel/Toe):
Adjustable Weighting (CG):

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