GIII Signature 5 Men's Driver

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What GIII Say:
Introducing GIII Signature Driver 2021, The head and shaft have achieved extreme flight by further evolving the technology for flying beyond the rules.Its beauty deserves to be called a masterpiece. Designed on the head sole surface with the motif of "Kumiko", a woodworking technique that has been refined over many years since the Asuka period. Based on elegant gold, the head and shaft are given a detailed pattern of "Kumiko". Furthermore, the shape of the head is designed with the motif of the overlapping of twelve soft curves. The traditional beauty of Japan goes well with the premium club born in Japan.

Features & Benefits:

  • Balloon crown with a laminar airfoil. - An innovative head shape reduces air resistance and increases head speed. The balloon-like bulging shape for the crown, reduces drag increasing club head speeds.
  • All-around Power Trench - By evolving the power trench to be situated all around the face, allows for greater face deflection during impact allowing greater ball speeds to be achieved even on mishits, the results are more consistent distances.
  • GⅢ Neo Titanium Face - GⅢ's original high resilience material, GⅢ neo-titanium face produces a COR of 0.875, and uses a material that has about 1.6 times the resilience performance of general material 6-4 titanium. (*Data measured by GIII Daiwa )
  • Face laser milling - The laser milling applied to the entire face suppresses variations in the amount of spin without being affected by water droplets caused by spot blurring or rain. It plays a role in stabilizing the large flight created by high resilience technology.
  • Backbone speed shaft -  The shaft design concentrates the spine in the heel direction and controls the bending and twisting characteristics. This aids in increases the club head speeds, maximizes the energy at impact, and improves the initial velocity and direction of the flight.
  • The lightest shaft in GⅢ history -  By realizing the lightest 38g shaft in GⅢ history, the weight of the entire club has been reduced, the ease of swinging has been improved, and the head speed has been increased.

Our Recommend Player Profile:
Designed for the slower swing golfer looking to maximize their distance from the TEE. With a 38 Gram shaft and all head properties designed around the concept of generating more speed this driver is a definite winner for someone struggling to generate club head speeds or distance from the tee.

Shaft Weight:
Below 40 Grams
Flight Bias:
Adjustable Weighting (Heel/Toe):
Adjustable Weighting (CG):

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