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  • ‎RM890
  • ‎RM4990

Bettinardi Golf is an American Golf Club company that was founded in 1998 by Robert J. Bettinardi. Bettinardi Golf is primarily known for making high-end, precision milled putters that are made in the United States of America. Additionally, Bettinardi Golf sells wedges, belt buckles, and other milled accessories.

Robert Bettinardi started his work in the putting industry in December 1991 when he walked into a golf shop and saw an advertisement from Callaway for a putter that was milled on a Bridgeport milling machine.[1] At the time, Bettinardi owned his own manufacturing facility with CNC (computer numerical control) machines that did work for hydraulic companies and the communications industries. Bettinardi called Callaway who put him in touch with their designer at the time. Bettinardi was able to pick up work from this particular designer and make all of his putters from 1991-1993. At the time, putting technology entailed milling the head and the neck of the putter separately, then welding the neck on to the head. It was during this time that Bettinardi created the first ever one-piece milled putter out of a solid block of steel.