Colantotte Wacle Neck Sport (Black/Grey)



  • Silicone necklace is light, simply designed, and matches well in the sporting and outdoor activities
  • Cross section figure of the necklace gradually changes from complete circle around the neck to oblong in the front surface
  • Able to change the colour of the front top of the necklace, which works as a joint, by flipping the front surface and the back surface according to occasion
  • High-specification model which has eight pieces of 140mT (1400G) rare-earth permanent magnets embedded in the 4mm diameter silicone loop
  • Alternating North-South polarity orientation distributes the magnetic force over a wide area to improve circulation and relieve stiffness of your neck and shoulders
  • Spec: Silicone, ABS resin
  • Size: S: 43cm, M: 47cm, L: 51cm
  • Colantotte

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