Colantotte Magtitan Geo (Black)



  • “Colantotte Magtitan GEO” is suitable for business, casual style, playing golf and for even more various scenes
  • The design follows the current Magtitan series but a more sophisticated construction
  • The metal plate is designed as if multiple plates were screwed up together
  • Constructed with Pure Titanium (Plate), Stainless Steel (Adjuster) and Urethane Elastomer (Belt)
  • Ion plating finish provides a high quality gloss and a luxurious shine for a unique charm
  • Water resistant and hardly deteriorate elastomer resin
  • Adjustable size about 5mm increment and so it is suitable for anyone
  • Four ferrite permanent magnets 100 mT (1000 G) are arranged in Colantotte's unique N pole S pole alternating arrangement
  • Colantotte

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