Colantotte Loop EN Lapis Lazuli Bracelet (Blue)



  • New Colantotte Loop EN series which is elegant, luxury wrist-wear that is the perfect combination of style and comfort with an added holistic, health and well-being benefit
  • Four 100mT (1,000Gauss) Ferrite permanent magnets are arranged in Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPOTM) to improve blood circulation and relieve stiffness
  • And the operon rubber is used for the loop so that it is easy to put on and take off.
  • Since the main material is natural stone, the colour and pattern are variable due to individual differences
  • The natural stones may be deteriorated or discoloured under the influence of the water, sweat, sunshine, lights and so on
  • Natural Stone also known as the "Power Stone" with each stones are said to have their own meaning. *Red Agate: Vitality, Family Happiness, Connection with people *Golden Obsidian: Amulet, Concentration, Business Luck *Tiger's Eye: Economic Luck, Confidence, Competition Luck *Lapis Lazuli: Ward off Evil, Intuitive Power, Bring Fortune
  • Size: M: 15cm, L: 17cm, LL: 18.5cm
  • Colantotte

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