Private Lessons

There is no better way to learn the game of golf than from a qualified PGA professional. MST Golf Academy's team of international and local Pro's have a wealth of experience and knowledge to pass on. Whether you're an absolute beginner, a weekend warrior trying to play to your handicap, or an elite player working towards a college scholarship or playing on tour, we have a coach suitable for you and your game.

Please Note: Each Lesson has a 55 minute duration.

We offer the following lesson options:
  • Single Lessons - Once off lessons offers you a targeted fix and improvement to a specific area of your game.
  • 10 Lessons Package - Depending on the students needs it can include all or some of the following:

Five (5) Long Game Lessons covering:

Three (3) Short Game Lessons covering:

Nine (9) Hole Playing Lesson (Note: Counts as 2 Lessons) *Green fees NOT included*

  • Driver
  • Fairway Woods & Hybrids
  • Long Irons
  • Short Irons
  • Putting
  • Chipping
  • Pitching & Bunker Play
  • Good Course Management
  • Shot Selection
  • Rules of Golf
  • Etiquette

Some techniques that could be addressed when taking lessons:

  • Grip - How to hold the club correctly with the correct pressure. Understanding how your grip affects the clubface, wrist hinge, shaft plane and your ball flight.
  • Stance – How wide your feet should be on each club while learning the effects the stance width will have on your stability, body rotation, angle of attack, swing path and weight shift during your swing.
  • Ball position Having the ball placed in the correct position in relation to the club you swinging, shot choice and various slopes you encounter on course is something that cannot be overlooked.
  • Balance – Instilling correct weight distribution habits and understanding the effects the weight and balance of your setup will have on your swing
  • Posture All the angles and bends in your body. You will also be learn about distance from the ball, knee flex,  hip bend and how posture affects the various parts of your swing
  • Upswing – How to correctly start your swing and how to make the correct upswing. Understanding swing plane and how this affects the way you impact the ball
  • Downswing Learning which parts of your body start the downswing movement and how the correct order of movement can maximise your swing speed and ball impact.
  • Impact The most important part of your golf swing is the moment you make impact with the ball, everything we do in our swing is to produce the correct impact.  Understanding the correct positions to be in as you make impact helps you hit the ball straighter and further.
  • Through swing Making the correct through swing is a critical part of completing the golf swing sequence.
  • Impact factors & Ball flights – A basic understanding of the 5 impact factors and 9 ball flights

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