About Us

Since 1992, MST GOLF has carved our name as the leading golf service provider in Malaysia and beyond. By offering integrated golf services including retail, wholesale, driving ranges, golf academies, corporate solutions and event management, we have imprinted ourselves on the local and international golfing community. Today we are the dominant force in golf retail across South East Asia, operating over 30 retail outlets, driving ranges and academies. Our reach covers Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. With our staff of golf enthusiasts now exceeding the 300 mark, our evolution from a single small enterprise, to a regional group of companies has been an astonishing one.

With continued support from our loyal and growing customer base, we keep striving to deliver world-class service levels with every interaction. We have always had an unwavering commitment to the magnificent game of golf. As a result of this we were both honored and humbled to receive the 2008/9 "The Brand Laureateâ" award. We achieved this in the Corporate Branding division for the Best Brand in Retail within the Golf Equipment category. At MST GOLF, we continue to strive to provide quality products and services to golfers from all walks of life. Through this unwavering dedication we remain committed to bringing you absolutely EVERYTHING GOLF!

The Beginning:

MST GOLF was established as Masinthai Sdn. Bhd in 1989 by founders and current directors, Mr Ng Yap and Mr KP Low. The company set out as a general goods and marketing business. This however changed in 1990 when a chance encounter with some used golf equipment in New York, USA led to a shipment back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It proved to be a huge success and thus the evolution of MST GOLF began. In 1991 we opened our first golfing outlet in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur leading to the eventual change of our name to MST Golf Sdn. Bhd in 1992.

Historical Timeline:

In 1992, staying true with our new direction in the golfing market, MST GOLF acquired its first distribution rights from Austad’s USA. We began wholesaling golf equipment, accessories and apparel shortly after this in 1993. Diversifying the business, MST GOLF began Driving Range management in the same year.

In 1996 we took up a new venture in the form of apparel licensing rights, by now fully recognizing golf retail as our core focus. Exploring many diverse portfolios in search of new opportunities led us to collaborate with JUSCO in 1997. The resulting agreement led to the first MST GOLF golf counter allowing us to open our doors to an even greater audience.

In 1999, amidst the Asian financial crisis, we chose to make a bold and telling move by opening our first MST Golf Super Store in Wishan. This risky decision paid dividends by propelling the business to the forefront of golf within Malaysia.

In the early 2000's as golf was booming across Asia, we once again looked to diversify and strengthen our internal divisions. In 2000, we finally went regional by opening our first store outside Malaysia which was in Singapore.

The year 2001 saw the birth of our very own Customized Corporate Products which ensured a greater portfolio and service offering to our expanding clientele. In the same year, our retailing experience expanded further by opening our first on-course Pro Shop. 2001 also saw the acquisition of Wilding Golf (rebranded as Pro Tour Golf Learning Centre in 2005, and MST GOLF Academy in 2011). This allowed us to expand into golf teaching and learning services for the first time.

A busy 2002 saw the creation of MST GOLF's Event Management Division. This allowed corporations and organizations to have a one-stop solution for any and all event requirements. 2002 brought a further strengthening to our retailing component as partnership with Parkson Departmental Stores was successfully negotiated. This allowed us to open golf counters in their stores nationwide ensuring better access to more golfers. The year 2002 also led to us expanding into new regions when we opened our first MST GOLF Super Store in Thailand.

In 2005, we opened our doors in a third region by opening a Super Store in Vietnam. It was also the year we foresaw the growing need for specialized club services which led to the introduction of the MST GOLF Tech Shop. Services offered included advanced club fittings, on the spot repairs and club alterations as well as introducing custom aftermarket shafts into our business.

The year 2017 saw us enter the digital age with the launch of our first e-commerce platform. Initially dedicated to the Malaysian market, we have the vision of rapid growth to gain worldwide penetration.

Timeline Highlights:

  • 1989 - Founded as Masinthai Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1991 - First Outlet opened in TTDI, KL.
  • 1992 - Name changed to MST Golf Sdn. Bhd.
  • 1992 - Gained first distribution rights from Austad's USA.
  • 1993 - Began wholesaling golf equipment, accessories and apparel.
  • 1993 - Started driving range management division
  • 1996 - First Apparel licensing rights aquired
  • 1997 - First golf counter in collaboration with JUSCO
  • 1999 - First Super Store opens in Wishan
  • 2000 - First Regional outlet opened in Singapore
  • 2001 - Corporate division was founded
  • 2001 - Acquisition of Wilding Golf
  • 2002 - Events management division was founded
  • 2002 - Collaboration with Parkson Departmental Stores
  • 2002 - Regional Super Store opened in Thailand
  • 2005 - Wilding Golf rebranded as Pro Tour Golf Learning Centre
  • 2005 - Regional Super Store opened in Vietnam
  • 2005 - First MST GOLF Tech Shop Opened
  • 2011 - Pro Tour Golf Learning Centre rebranded as MST Golf Academy
  • 2017 - First e-Commerce platform launched
  • 2018 - Became Official distributor for the TaylorMade Golf Brand in Malaysia & Singapore
  • 2019 - Became Official distributor for the PXG brand in Malaysia & Singapore
  • 2019 - Became Sole distributor for Honma in Malaysia
  • 2020 - Launched second generation e-Commerce website with multiple enhanced features

Everything Golf:

With golf at the core of our business, we are involved in managing a diverse portfolio of retail stores ranging from stand-alone Super Stores, departmental outlets and even on course Pro-Shops, driving range facilities, corporate solutions, academies and event management solutions. Our vast network of retail outlets offer the widest selection of equipment, apparel, golf accessories and more all presented to you in a relaxed and friendly shopping environment. Competing with international prices it is a golf shopping experience like no other.

With over 30 retail outlets located conveniently across Malaysia, it could not be easier to find a MST Golf outlet near you! Our ultimate golf shopping destinations provide you with the following services:

  • The widest selection of products
  • A comprehensive line up of major brands
  • Extensive customer service and advise
  • Exciting promotions year round
  • Attractive sales campaigns