Yamaha RMX 218 Driver

What Yamaha Say:
One more yard. One inch closer. One stroke less. Winning is the culmination of those yards, inches and strokes. Winning is more than outlasting your rivals; it is creating confidence and courage in your plan of attack to exceed your personal limits. RMX clubs help golfers win. Toward that end, we subject RMX clubs to the demands of competition as we develop them. We put our ingenuity and curiosity to the test in actual course conditions, and translate our discoveries into the finest new technology and specifications.


Features & Benefits:

  • Super Dual-Powered Body II - Increasing the internal slits in the crown and the sole from 2 to 4 allows for even greater energy transfer from the club head to the ball during impact. This results into better ball speeds and distance.
  • Ultimate Face - Utilizing a Super Computer to run 30 000+ simulations has led to the creation of the ultimate face. This unique structure ensures a bigger sweet spot and enlarges the repulsion area.
  • RTS - The Remix Tuning System allows for adjustments to the driver in the form of loft and flight bias (by altering the weights in the driver head). The 2018 edition is also reverse-compatible with previous RMX drivers for the first time.


Our Recommended Player Profile:
The RMX 218 is best suited to the mid-to-high handicap player looking for more forgiveness and a higher launching club head. Its new shape is also very appealing at address.

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  • Right Hand
  • 10.5 DEG (R FLEX)
  • 10.5 DEG (SR FLEX)