What Honma Say:
TWorld747 utility has been designed with a stable head shape with a well-balanced outline, providing confidence at address. Made in Japan Sakata.

Features & Benefits:

  • Shortened Hosel - The hosel was shortened by 5mm compared to the previous model which helps to increase the launch angle.
  • P-SAT - Precision Spine Alignment Technology is where Honma ensures the spine in graphite shafts are always at the same position to ensure that it is uniform throughout the set. The spine position affects the behaviour of the shaft which affects consistency of your shots.

Our Recommended Player Profile:
This club is better suited to the low to mid handicap golfers who seek to have consistent high launching shots from their utility for shots from the fairway and the rough. This series is for the golfer who appreciates the superior craftsmanship from the Honma brand which is made in Japan Sakata.

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  • Right Hand
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