Cobra King F8 Driver

What Cobra Say:
The KING F8 Driver introduces COBRA's first CNC milled driver face paired with 360° Aero™ Technology, bringing you COBRA’s smartest, fastest, most precise driver ever. Oversized shape for maximum forgiveness.


Features & Benefits:


  • CNC Precision Milled Face – Introducing the first driver with a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) face has ensured additional benefits for Cobra. It allows for a precision face thickness allowing better weight distribution and more speed. These leads to more forgiveness and distance respectively. 
  • Dual Roll Face – Featuring a dual roll design creates more forgiveness at launch when struck high or low on the face. Further enhancing this is a new Tilted Bulge Axis, ensuring more forgiveness from low-heel and high-toe hits. In short the face thanks to the CNC milling is designed around maximum forgiveness and accuracy when the ball is poorly struck.
  • 360 Aero – An innovative design has led to better aerodynamics while lowering the CG location for higher launch. Utilizing a polymer (Lighter then Titanium) in the crown to create “Trips” while using Titanium in the sole for the same purpose, allows the CG to be lowered while vastly improving the aerodynamics for better speed and distance.
  • MYFLY 8 Sleeve – Allows for 8 easily identifiable settings which you can use to alter loft and lie angles with absolute ease.
  • Multi-Material Construction – Utilizing a Titanium body and a carbon fivre crown pushes the CG location even lower while reducing spin rates. This leads to a higher lunching, lower spinning driver for greater distance.


Our Recommended Player Profile:
The F8 is the latest generation in this series and as seen before it is ideally suited for the mid-to-high handicap player. It is as forgiving and long as anything else on the market while being jam packed with technologies.

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