Yamaha Grandis LX driver

What Yamaha Say:
The GRANDIS LX series features a rose gold colour that combines luxury and beauty. This is the birth of the new GRANDIS LX series, which inherits the Yamaha tradition and satisfies an unparalleled sense of ownership. Through our experience in producing musical instruments, we've brought together the best of Yamaha golf technology in the GRANDIS LX for people who know golf inside and out. This represents our achievements in craftsmanship that we've built up over 125 years, realizing unprecedented flight. The GRANDIS LX offers a high level of prestige as a coveted series.

Feature & Benefit:

  • Double Slit Body - inserting slits internally on the crown and the sloe of the driver, allows for more ridge body. This means less energy loss through crown and sole flexing, instead getting it back to the ball for better distance.
  • Amorphous Technology - A uniquely designed shaft incorporates carbon steel within the graphite weave. This allows for more shaft flex than a traditional shaft and will allow more club head speed to be generated by slower swing speed players.
  • Forged Ti 6-4 Face - By plasma welding a Forged Ti 6-4 face onto a more Ti 811 body allows Yamaha to vastly improve the performance off the face. The Ti 6-4 also tends to feel a touch more pleasing at impact.

Our Recommended player profile:
This Driver is specifically engineered to help slow swing speed players gain some distance. The Forged face combined with the amorphous shaft leads to an increase in Club head speed without any additional effort. It is easy to get up in the air and tends to be easy to turn over. The higher handicap player lacking some speed and seeking distance is encouraged to have a look at this.

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  • Right Hand
  • 10.5 DEG (R FLEX)